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Who’s taking home the hardware?

When Rawlings issued its Gold Glove Award winners list on Tuesday, I came to realize that I had not yet filled out my list of Post-season award winner predictions. Couldn’t really let a year go by where I don’t put these to writing and see how I come out on the other side. Nostradamus? Or nostra-dumb… well you get it.

Before I get to the predictions, there was a bit of Braves related flavor to the Gold Glove Awards this off-season. Two outfielders, Andruw Jones with his 10th and Jeff Francoeur with his first, captured the honor. Amazingly, former Braves ace Greg Maddux added yet another piece of hardware to his already overcrowded trophy room. Maddux nabbed his 17th Gold Glove, establishing a new all-time mark by any player in a career. Props to Maddux for yet another feather in his cap.

Let’s jump right into these awards and look into my crystal ball…

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Jimmy Rollins
AL CY: Josh Beckett
NL CY: Jake Peavy

AL ROY: Dustin Pedroia
NL ROY: Ryan Braun
AL Manager: Terry Francona
NL Manager: Clint Hurdle

I realize a few of the predictions are lay-ups by choice. But, I’d be very surprised if I’m not wrong on at least a couple accounts. Stranger things have happened in the Manger of the Year award than a World Series champion skipper not bringing home the award. C.C. Sabathia could get a good portion of the AL Cy vote and Troy Tulowitzki could grab the NL ROY honors, no question. But these are just by votes/predictions etc.

What are yours?

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