Damn Yankees? You bet…

I certainly won’t be the only scribe writing on behalf of a club that will be hard pressed to sign a premier front of the rotation starter, because the New York Yankees are throwing more than their allowance out there to build a strong squad for that new stadium you may have read about.

We’ve seen the Jake Peavy saga cool off considerably, with the Braves publicly stated that they will being “moving on” to fill their needs. At least for the time being. Numerous reports have shown that the Yankees are going to be setting the bar quite high when it comes to Grade-A starters. Take their reported offer to CC Sabathia for example – 6-years and $140 million. How do you think the Milwaukee Brewers feel about that? Not so great, but this is nothing new when it comes to the Yankee way.

Maybe the folks in Wisconsin haven’t been affected directly by the Yankees persuing their free agents, but you can rest assured that all of baseball has felt the effects of big money Bronx deals. You can chalk the Braves up for one tough off-season when it comes to bringing in their new starting pitchers.

sheffyankees.jpgThe Braves have lost free agent players to the Yankees in the past five years, including Gary Sheffield, Jarrett Wright and Kyle Farnsworth. This year, they will be competing for what looks to be A.J Burnett and Derek Lowe. Reports have right-hander Ryan Dempster heading back to the Chicago Cubs for a 4-year $52 million deal. If you do the math between the Sabathia offer and the Dempster deal, you are starting to get a pretty good idea what the years and the money on Burnett will be. Throw in the fact that he can openly shop that 4-year $54 million deal that Toronto had on the table. It boils down to the simple fact that every agent has to love: If you can get the Yankees involved then you can make your client a rich(er) man.

Never to be outbid, even when they are bidding solely against themselves, the Yankees have taken to the offensive and are preparing an offer that rests somewhere around 5-years and $80 million for Burnett’s services. When reading that the Steinbrenner boys plan to follow in their father’s footsteps of setting the bar rather high when it comes to player contracts, it became apparent that not only were the Yanks going to be players in the free-agent market but that they may well end up owning several of the shiniest pieces this off-season.

baberuth.jpgThe Yankees have taken this route for years, signing free-agents to big deals, rewarding their stars with big deals, trading the farm and taking on big contracts of stars that other clubs seek to unload. Maybe all this started when they purchased Babe Ruth? None of this necessarily should make them the real life pirates of baseball (all apologies to the Pittsburgh franchise). The city and the organization simply likes to win and they have the money to make happen more quickly that every other team in baseball. Put those two things together and it always leads to interesting storylines and sometimes whimsical back-and-forth fun. It also serves to make them easily hateable for many. Hard economic times or not, the Yankees are going to be spending aplenty this winter.

So what does all this mean for Atlanta?

Having somewhat put the lid on the Peavy discussions (believe that if you like), the Braves will have the tough task of assigning a value to their future and signing one of these star pitchers. I’m starting to think that if Dempster signs with the Cubs, Sabathia and Burnett sign with the Yankees, and Lowe opts to go back to Boston (for example), the Braves will have to get creative via trade or start kicking the tires on Ben Sheets.

It could play out the way I just outlined. Or it could turn back around, leading the Braves and Padres back to the table to complete that long-running trade rumor, and Burnett or Lowe to different pastures. Atlanta could end up finding an entirely different trading partner to boost the rotation with. That’s the fun of the the off-season.

Who’s ready for those Winter Meetings?

Till next time,



The Cubs made a really good signing. Dempster is worth more than 13 million/year if he proves to be more than a fluke. The Braves will have to put up at LEAST 18 million/year for Burnett, he deserves that kind of money. It would be foolish to offer him a 5 year deal though considering his injury problems. Something like 3/58 with a player option of 20 for the 4th year with a 3-5 million dollar buyout sounds right and might get the deal done. I don’t know what AJ Burnett feels, but I have a feeling he might rather pitch in the NL.

Dont forget The Yankees are also gonna bid on Tex since Giambi became a free agent. I do see them getting Sabathia but if they dont get Burnett, there are going to go full force in Lowe, Sheets, and Teixeira. I also see them signing a big name outfielder too.

Let’s also not forget that the Yankees have not won a championship in 8 seasons. When will they learn that throwing money all over the place is not the answer? This year was the first year since ’93 that they didn’t even make the playoffs. Bloated payrolls and egos have been the Yankees demise. All those championships in the 90’s were won on the backs of homegrown talent. Jeter, Bernie Williams, Paul O’neil, etc.

I do believe we will miss out on some of these grade A pitchers. Lowe is a Scot Boras client. CC is too expensive. Dempster’s off the market. The Peavy trade is neccessary!!! I don’t blame Wren for shifting focus. Padres management were idiotic for taking so long. It was borderline insulting how they were treating us. When all this is said and done, if we don’t get Peavy… I consider this offseason to be a failure. WE MUST GET JAKE PEAVY!

I was just reading the Ken Rosenthal’s blog from day2 meetings on foxsports.com. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Yankees trying to buy every big name player out there. As a very dedicated Braves fan, it just kills me to hear the name John Smoltz associated with “that” team.

I’m getting sick of the Yankees and overpaying every player they ever have had. I think that they could just split up into two teams called the New York Yankees and the New Jersey Yanks and still be one of the top 5 teams payroll wise. They could have split into 3 teams if they didn’t overpay everyone.

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