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This won’t be a long entry. I’m going to stray from Braves country for a minute.

Sometimes, as I’m patrolling all the MLB sections of various sports sites, I’ll stumble upon a good story. Occasionally, they even come from the strangest of places. For example, this one that I am about to share with you comes from esteemed columnist/author Jeff Pearlman.

I can’t say that Pearlman’s style has ranked among my favorites, in subject matter or execution. But I will take the time to post a link if something grabs my attention. This particular piece is on the Texas Rangers multi-talented centerfielder Josh Hamilton.

To give you a little backgrond on Pearlman, he is the author of Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Anti-hero. A former senior writer for Sports Illustrated (that courtesy of his bio on ESPN.com’s Page 2), he also penned that lovely look we all got into the life of John Rocker in the December 23, 1999 issue of S.I.

Personally, I’ve read dozens of stories about the miraculous turn-around of this young man’s life. From Sports Illusrated’s spread a couple of years back, to the dozens that poured out when a Rule 5 pick became one of the feel good stories of 2007.

My hat is off to Hamilton for being able to push himself out of the darkest depths of addiction and on to live out his dream of being a Major League Baseball player. I further applaud the way that Pearlman sheds light on the fact that many people miss. There are some things you can boo a player for, and some things that we as human beings should keep off limits. Hamilton is just as human as we are. I hope his story continues to be as positive as it has the past two seasons.

Click here for the story. And you can click here for Pearlman’s rather random take on where his relationship with Rocker is now. If you make it all the way through the second article, then you get a gold star!


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