Leftover Turkey…

Thanksgiving has come and gone and that means a couple of things are the horizon. First of course, are the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings – starting December 3rd. Then there’s that whole Christmas thing, but I’m sure the Braves and a host of other teams are hoping to get a great deal of their shopping done in Nashville at the meetings.

Tommy_g_1By now everyone has seen that Tom Glavine is back in an Atlanta Braves Uniform for the first time since 2002. The addition of a veteran lefty gives Atlanta a strong top three starters to go into 2008 with. That leaves the Braves with a center field question to answer.

Mike Hampton is throwing again and has impressed thus far in the meagar steps he has made towards a comeback next season. Having not pitched in two and a half seasons, Hampton will get some work in down in Mexico. Hopes are that Hampton will be ready to go and able to contribute

While this blog has its moment where regular updates are popping up every day or two only to be followed by a couple weeks off, let me assure you that you’ll want to tune in for Winter Meetings coverage starting a week from Today.

I’m working on a few ideas to throw around how the club shapes up, where the prospects and young talent can and will fit in and what moves Atlanta has left to make before Opening Day of 2008. Look for those things this week.

Till next time,


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