Mixed notes…

While the GM meetings continue in what I can only imagine is sunny and temperate Orlando, I figured it was a good time for a few updates from the last entry.

Last December, then-GM John Schuerholz along with current GM Frank Wren were very vocal proponents of the GM meetings as a great place to lay the ground work for trades that could happen at the upcoming Winter Meetings in December (3-6 in Nashville). I’m making my travel arrangements, so if you’re into daily reports and rumor mills then this blog will be a good place for you to follow all the fun.

In other related news:

There is nothing concrete to report back on the Griffey trade speculation, because it is just that – speculation. Some theorists are excited about the possibility of having that dynamic bat in #5 spot in the batting order, while others are less than excited about the idea of an injury-prone outfielder who is no longer a viable option in center and carries a $16.5 million ’09 option season actually donning the Braves uni. Who can blame them? Debate away.

It appears my Coco Crisp theory found legs, though it was safe to assume the Sox would be shopping their deposed CF at the GM meetings. Multiple outlets have reported that dealing Coco will be among the top priorities this winter. Atlanta is believed to have some degree of interest, but will probably explore all options before narrowing it down to one candidate.

Looking back over some notes during the winter of 2005-06, the Indians were hot and heavy after Ryan Langerhans but no deal was struck.

How about some Andruw Jones news?

It appears Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten has done his due diligence in scouting out the main three free agent center fielders. Reports out of D.C. have placed the former Braves president on a recent house call to the Jones residence. Looks like Washington could be in the hunt for Andruw, but they are still very much in the process of building a winning franchise.  The article also mentions that Kasten has spoken with Torii Hunter of the Twins and Aaron Rowand of the Phillies.

On a side note, any talk of Atlanta being a serious possibility for right-hander Curt Schilling ended on Tuesday, when the 40-year old reached an agreement to return to Boston for a base salary of $8 million and incentives – according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

Steroids, HGH and more of the same…

The baseball world recieved another wonderful bit of news on Tuesday morning. Multiple reports sprung up across the board that Mariners outfielder Jose Guillen along with retired Giants and D-Backs third baseman Matt Williams and righty Ismael Valdez all purchased shipments of steroids HGH and/or other performance-enhancing-drugs. The report has linked some of the prescriptions for the three to the same dentist who was linked by a law enforcement source to Indians righty Paul Byrd. Here’s the whole story summed up via ESPN.

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I’m not sure Griffey can play CF anymore. He was moved to RF for Freel, then wasn’t moved back there in Cincinnati after Freel went down. He’s in LF in Atlanta, but something will have to be done with that ’09 option before a deal is done.

I’m thinking it isn’t automatic that the Red Sox deal Crisp. Epstein says he learned his lesson about depth when the team crashed in ’06. Ellsbury is an unproven rookie who seems to like to run into walls, JD Drew never goes without a stint on the DL, and Manny is Manny. They’ll be plenty of playing time for Crisp in Boston. For the right deal Coco is gone, but not just because Ellsbury had a good month.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Washington ponied up the money for Jones, with that new ballpark they’ll be able to afford it. Also would be surprised to Baltimore jumps in on Jones if they can get rid of Tejada’s money.


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