Wren begins, A-Rod strikes sour note…

The Wren Era is now officially underway. Forget the pomp andcircumstance of a press conference to announce that a legendary front
office figure will step aside, I want to see some trades! Who’s with me?

Tuesday October the 29th gave us just that opportunity. Wren and the
club announced that All-star Edgar Renteria had been dealt to the
Detroit Tigers for a duo of uber-talented youngsters, Gorkys Hernandez
and Jair Jurrjens. So maybe it’s not Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller,
but these two certainly have some promise.

Renteria has
performed admirably for Atlanta, battling a couple stints on the DL but
more often than not he could be found batting second and quietly going
about the business of being a professional hitter. But, the reality is
that Renteria was heading into his free-agent year and was unlikely to
return. His trade value was highest this winter.

Of course, we
were all looking for something that was perhaps a little more immediate
in terms of the names involved but let’s not get too greedy. Renteria’s
departure also opens up some spending room and according to Wren is
just a precursor of moves on the horizon.

Kudos to Wren for
pulling off his first deal at the helm as GM. Time will tell the full
story of this one. Atlanta will allow Hernandez to continue his
maturation in the minor leagues, while Jurrjens will compete with Jo-Jo
Reyes for a spot in the rotation this spring.

Around MLB:
there was the small matter of the Boston Red Sox wrapping up the Fall
Classic, having blown through the over-rested Rockies in the first
three games. Sunday saw the Red Sox capture their second title in four
years, with a decidedly different team that the one that did the trick
in 2004. Boston is as real as it gets, top to bottom. This could be
happening again a couple more times before this bunch is broken up. The
balance of youth and experience is a beautiful combination.

So………… what could possibly be more important that the deciding game of the World Series?

A-Rod’s contract decision of course.

know that if you are anything like me, you were clinging to the edge of
your seat to see how this A-Rod contract melodrama would play out. How
can you not feel for a guy who has to decide where to get his $25
million per year? Do I go with the team that is preparing to make a
5-year extension in the neighborhood of $27-30 million a year, or do I
simply perpetuate the lukewarm decision making skills that have landed
me in this "terrible situation" to begin with? What’s a guy to do?

Boras and his client made the more-than-questionable decision to go
public during the fourth and final game of the World Series with their
intent to opt the slugging third baseman out of the final three years
of his record 10-year $252 million deal. Thank goodness they exercised
tact and timing in making the decision.

To bring those of you
who may be wondering up to speed on why this announcement in and of
itself was any bigger than what it states, the problem is the timing.
Major League Baseball likes the World Series to be the focus when, in
fact, it is being played. Therefore, all transaction and other assorted
personel moves are done internally by each club or the player in
question and announced at the conclusion of the series.

while the Red Sox wrapped up their second title in four years,
Rodriguez added an unneeded distraction following his fourth
consecutive year in New York – and in none of those years has Rodriguez
been a part of the World Series. That will look good on his resume
right? He can put it next to "Plays well with others" and right before
he lists Derek Jeter as a reference.

Did anything ever make you miss the reserve clause so much?

Till Next time,


Forget the Braves This team is on a self a player sale and its starting to look like the club of the 70’s again. The talent that will be left (except at 1st base) will resemble a minor leauge club. Bobby you should have left 2 years ago when you saw what direction this team was heading in. Bobby you the best Manager in baseball but no one can expect you to win with these bargain basement players you are left with.

That’s some tough stuff right there. I’d have to think that the Braves of now are a little more exciting that the team which floundered it’s way through the 70s with only two winning seasons. The core is there, but there are areas to address. Bobby will have some new faces, bats and arms to go to war in the NL East next season. This is hardly a minor league squad.

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